Board of Directors

The Public Health Service (PHS) Act requires that all organizations which receive health center funding under section 330 have a governing body which assumes full authority and oversight responsibility for the health center. The governing board must maintain an acceptable size, composition, and meeting schedule. Furthermore, the responsibilities of the board include the authority to control the health center’s budget and major resource decisions, set center policies, and approve the selection and dismissal of the health center program director or chief executive officer.

Section 330 stipulates that, in order to receive a health center grant, the applicant must demonstrate that “…the center has established a governing body which…

  • is composed of individuals, a majority of whom are being served by the center and who, as a group, represent the individuals being served by the center;
  • meets at least once a month, selects the services to be provided by the center, schedules the hours during which services will be provided, approves the center’s annual budget, approves the selection of a director for the center, and establishes general policy for the center.

FHN is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, where over 50% of the board members are patients. Board members represent the geographic area served by FHN and the composition reflects the socio-economic, ethnic and gender distribution of patients. In addition to the demographic representation, the Board also reflects a variety of backgrounds and professions, including health care administration, law, finance, education, business, human resources, and social service management. The Board sets the strategic direction for the organization and ensures the financial viability of the programs.

Current FHN Board Members

How to Become a Board Member

If you are interested in serving as a board member for Family Health Network, contact us for more information or fill out our Board Member Application.

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